The Epiphany Space


In the story of The Epiphany, the Magi listen to the wisdom of their dreams, share their gifts with Jesus, and demonstrate care for and connection with others by altering their journey. The purpose of The Epiphany Space is to be a place where you can "Follow Your Dreams, Share Your Gifts, and Journey Together." It will be an inspired gathering space where a dream can come to life from start to finish, located in a robust, diverse, and largely unchurched neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The Epiphany Space will be physical and virtual space that incorporates visioning, creating, and sharing one's gifts and dreams, through:

  • welcoming space for dreaming, including co-working, collaboration, workshops on writing and discovering creative gifts and purpose

  • on-site tech studio with video and audio recording equipment to help individuals and organizations create and share their story

  • gathering space to share the product of God's gifts through music, art, classes, worship, justice, and service

People are seeking a place to connect with others on a deeper level, be reminded that they aren’t alone and inspired to become the person they’re meant to be, and make their dreams a reality.

The Epiphany Space is that place.


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