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Come Along Now, Follow Me

sermon | june 30, 2019

In our baptismal covenant, we vow to respect the dignity of every human being. Those who have come seeking our help are our fellow humans. They have names and stories. Many of them are not entering the country illegally, but through the official asylum seeking process, and yet children are separated from parents and given a concrete floor to sleep on. This, my friends, is not gospel. This is not the good news.

Finding Wholeness In Community

Believe Out Loud (June 2016)

As a parent of two young children, I make many trips to the public library and I read many children’s books. I can be a bit of a children’s book snob, picking what appears to be a high-brow picture book based on the inclusion of a Caldecott or Newbury award sticker, or by literally judging a book by its cover and choosing the ones with the best illustrations.


Why Can't We Be Friends? - A 2016 Election Survival Guide

Christ Church Epistle (Fall 2016)

I was recently visiting my parents during a major party’s national convention. As the nominee came on to speak, one of my parents jumped up and said, “Well, I’m going to bed!” In that moment, I realized that there are people I love deeply who differ from me greatly.


Just Downstairs: Lenten Meditation

The Episcopal Church (March 2013)

When I was little, I remember waking up one Saturday morning and – before I was even fully awake – knowing what I would find downstairs. I knew that I’d descend the staircase to find a beam of sun coming through the glass front door and warming a patch of the wood floor.


Open to Healing: Lenten Meditation

The Episcopal Church (March 2013)

During my senior year in high school, I was in a terrible skiing accident in which I collided with a tree, and broke two bones in my leg. The accident left me bed-ridden for several weeks, as my leg healed from surgery. To add insult to injury, my high school love broke up with me the week after the accident.