mama. priest. creator. lover.

Meet Callie


Hi, I'm Callie.

mama. One of my favorite vocations is mama to E & L. They're both extremely happy, social beings. Their zeal teaches me to approach life with exuberance and curiosity. They offer profound observations on life and God, and love a good living room dance party. Together, we love taking trips to the library, beach, farmers market, and zoo, and going on scavenger hunts for God's beauty in the world.

priest. I have the great honor of walking with people through some of the most vulnerable and sacred moments of life, and calling it my job. Whether it be birth or death or the many daily sacraments that take place in between, I get to simply show up and draw attention to the Holy in our midst. Over the past seven years serving as a priest in Philadelphia, PA, and Raleigh, NC, I've loved teaching and fielding Big Questions (and often admitting I don't have Big Answers!), and making connections with God's people.

creator. In my office hangs a large piece of art from the graffiti artist Banksy. An ornate window frame overlays children's graffiti from an LA schoolyard, making the impression of vibrant stained glass. In the corner kneels a praying hooded figure with paintbrush and can nearby. It blends sacred and ordinary and reminds me to create every day. Whether creating engaging ways for people to learn about the liturgy through How2charist or using my hands to knit a sweater, creating infuses energy into all of my life and work.

lover. Even when life's tasks bog me down, I derive great joy from the first flurries of snow, a soul-restoring conversation with a friend, a forkful of a delicious meal, or a chance encounter with a stranger. I truly love this life and this earth and the people who inhabit it, and I try to follow the love demonstrated by our great teacher Jesus - radical love for the outcast and stranger - as a guide for my life and my ministry.