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Bread+wine: blessed. God: present. What's the meaning behind our words+rituals? How2charist illuminates the liturgy's beauty+spirit.


Digital Instructed Eucharist

I have always dreamed about new ways of doing and being Church, ones which honor our rich Episcopal tradition while inviting people of all ages, faith roots, and life experiences to come to the table. I wanted to use the model of an instructed eucharist—in which the history of the eucharistic rite and the symbolism of the service are explained in narrative form—and make a more seamless liturgy that was stimulating and enlightening. Taking inspiration from VH1's Pop-Up Video series, the How2charist was born.

Advent + Lenten Podcast Series

Advent and Lent are rich times for deepening one's spiritual practice. I wanted to create an opportunity for people to meditate on seasonal themes and be buoyed by sacred music, right from their homes. As Advent 2012 approached, I began curating a weekly podcast series. Each year, I recruit a diverse panel of voices and perspectives, and coach them to reflect on an aspect of the season in a brief, 3-minute recorded podcast. Podcasts are shared weekly with members of the congregation, but always find their way beyond the walls of the parish as they're shared all over the country and around the world. I'm proud to lead a project that has showcased the stories and insights of so many from the last two parishes I've served. I hope you'll enjoy browsing and listening to the collected reflections archived here.